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   A Type X Ray Flaw Detector
A Type X Ray Flaw Detector
Product Name:  A Type X Ray Flaw Detector
Model:  A Type

Application::  Spaceflight Industry, Shipbuilding Industry, Metallurgy Industry, Chemical Industry, Power Supply, Automobiles, Pressure Container, Heavy Machine Manufacturer Industry, Bridge Building Industry, etc.


Brief Introduction:  As the first generation products, A Type X Ray Flaw Detector equipped with subminiature controller, which is one of the patened products of our company.

A Type X Ray Flaw Detector
Model XXQ/2005A XXQ/2505A XXQ/3005A
XXG/2005A XXG2505A XXG/3005A
Power Supply 160V - 255V     50 - 60HZ
Power Capacity >1.5KVA >2.0KVA >2.5KVA
Tube Voltage 100KV-200KV 150KV-250KV 170KV-300KV
Tube Current 5mA

X-Ray Generator
Size (mm)Ф×H

φ240×590 φ260×675 φ300×780
φ240×590 φ260×675 φ300×780
φ230×550 φ270×580 φ280×650
φ230×550 φ270×580 φ280×650
X - Ray Beam Cone Angle 40°
25°× 360°
40°× 360°
Controller Size(mm) 350×300×135
Controller Weight 10kg
Controller Delaying Time 0 - 1 min.
Timing Range and Error 9.9 min    Minute Error ±1%
Working Mode Intermittent Work 1:1  Work 5 mins rest 5 mins
Insulation SF6 Gas
Cooling Radiator forced air cooling
Safety Working Pressure 0.35 - 0.6 Mpa
X-Ray Generator Weight(kg) 23 33 46
22 32 43
24 31 34
23 30 33
Max. Penetration (mm) 29 39 48
26 37 46
23 34 44
30 40 50
Working Conditions of X-ray Photography 1. Focus to Film: 600mm
2. Exposure time: 5 min.
3. Film: TianJin, Model III, intensified by double lead foil.
4. Treatment in the darkroom: Temp. 20 ±2ºC, 5 min. blackness ≥ 1.5. sensitivity≤2%


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